Dear colleagues,

We cordially invite you to attend the 14th Pannonian International Symposium on Catalysis, which will be held at the High Tatras, in the GRAND HOTEL BELLEVUE, located in Starý Smokovec, on 3 – 7 September, 2018.

The scope of the Symposium follows the 28 years tradition of previous Pannonian Symposia and it covers diverse aspects of catalysis.

The major topics of the symposium:

  1. Homogeneous catalysis – including catalysis for fine chemicals, organometallic catalytic complexes, regio- and stereoselectivity aspects in catalysis, etc.
  2. Heterogeneous catalysis – including preparation and characterization of the catalysts, applied catalysis, theoretical fundamentals of catalysis, noble metal catalysts, zeolites, etc.
  3. Organocatalysis – including processes when the catalysts operate both through the transient formation of covalent bonds as well as through non-covalent interactions, etc.
  4. Environmental catalysis and photocatalysis – including semiconducting photocatalysts, photoinduced charge separation processes, electrocatalysis, photocatalytic oxidation processes, etc.
  5. Industrial catalytic processes – including catalysis in industrial technologies, large scale operations, petroleum chemistry, polymers production, catalysts for inorganic commodities, operation unit design, process optimization, etc.
  6. Catalysis-related materials, nanostructures and nanotechnologies – including surface science, bottom-up approaches, molecular templating, characterization techniques of the materials, etc.
  7. Biocatalysis – including enzyme catalysis, catalysis in biotechnology, DNA catalysis, etc.
  8. Emerging areas – catalysis over MOFs, ZIFs, graphene, graphene oxide, composite materials, lab-on-chip catalysis, DFT models, electrochemisty – including development of techniques and their applications, research on cultural heritage – including development of techniques and their applications, etc.

We are looking forward to meeting you in the High Tatras in 2018.

Alexander Kaszonyi (chair)
Magdaléna Štolcová (vice-chair)
LOC of the Symposium

Plenary speakers

Dimitry Yu. Murzin, ABO Turku, Finland
Gérard Delahay, Institut Charles Gerhardt Montpellier, France